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Solidary economy

The range of solidary economy is widely applied – respective a solidarity as mutual support and an economy, which orients itself at human needs and not the other way round. We do not want to narrow down the idea `solidarity economy´ in order to give enough space to the different concepts and approaches. Making controversial discussions possible and providing for self-reflexion upon solidary projects is an equally important part of the congress. The congress is a space for critical voices dealing with gender-relations, boundary-regimes, capitalism and/or the destruction of the natural environment and other such issues f.e.:
selfmanaged rooms and companies, old and new cooperatives, alternative forms of habitation, appropriation of rooms and ressources, communes, companies with social targets, initiatives for right of residence, barter rings, reginal currencies, spaces for women and feminist projects, free of charge shops, alternative institutions of financing, fair trade, solidary and crosscultural gardens, public couisine, agricultural selfmarketing, ecovillages, OpenSource, alternative learning institutes, knowledge sharing, basic income and many more.

Our consens applies to egalitarian, participative and non hierarchical forms and principles of the solidary economy, which we strive to apply in the preparation and progression of the congress as well.

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